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Not Just Lucky_The True Justice

The True Justice is a destination for analysis, perspectives, news and data related to justice, law, equality and fairness presented in a fresh and creative way.  The True Justice looks beyond the headlines to the detail and considers the alternative perspectives of a situation.

To celebrate the launch of The True Justice Reads, a new series highlighting books that ignite conversation and thought while entertaining, educating and sharing stories, we’re giving away an autographed copy of Not Just Lucky dedicated to The True Justice.

Not Just Lucky challenges readers to change the way women think about their work, careers and each other.  Women is used throughout the book as an inclusive term and arguably the book contains much for men also. Men can help women realise their talent, experience, contribution and potential as much as any woman can.  In fact, excluding Men from this would simply create yet another thing for women to do, wouldn’t it?

In Not Just Lucky Jamila Rizvi submits that Australian workplaces are deeply gendered and casts her research supported eye back to early experiences of social conditioning and reinforcement to help reveal some reasons why.  These early experiences may help inform why women, who still commonly experience being overlooked and undervalued, often modestly explain away their success as ‘luck’ as opposed to taking credit where it’s due for their skills, experience and invested effort.  Jamila draws together research, case studies and her own experiences to paint a broad picture of the prevailing landscape for women who continue to experience pay inequality while dreaming big and trying to lean in but feel the crisis-of-confidence tension pull them back.

Ultimately, Jamila wrote the book she wished she could find on the shelves to help her navigate the workplace and her career.  A book for ordinary chicks like her who won’t necessarily have a night nanny or multi-billion dollar empire spanning several continents but who hope that their income at age 31 doesn’t prove to be the highpoint over a lifetime.

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Justice doesn’t just happen.

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  1. True justice is a phantom, a figment of the mind,
    You see and hear it every day and it messes with one’s mind,
    People with criminal minds cause others so much pain,
    But when in front of judges, they know it wasn’t in vain,
    The judgement handed down, doesn’t seem befitting for the crime,
    They keep on repeating, time after time
    It costs the taxpayers a lot of money for the court,
    and the offenders leave the victim and family outraged and terribly fraught,

    When they hurt and injure others whether deliberate or by neglect,
    They need to admit it like an adult, and show some respect,
    “do unto others as you would have done unto you”, and then True Justice would prevail, in every possible way.

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