The True Justice Reads: You Be Mother

Abi is an accidental, but proper mother, made of steel and infinitely more interesting than one would expect from the look of her, even if she did hold her jewel of a baby like the infant messiah while Mary popped out to run errands.

You Be Mother - Copy

Motherhood has a way of forming bonds between women who would seem unlikely compatriots but for their progeny.  You be Mother illustrates this beautifully; Meg Mason unravels a captivating cross-stitch of relations across the social spectrum set within an affluent enclave of Sydney Harbour.

The infamous notion of six degrees of separation illustrates how the benevolence of a coincidental fellow swimmer may have actually paid for your post-flight necessities when your need for them preceded your possession of native currency and how a complete stranger may randomly materialise from the other side of the world and burst your bubble of perfection partly inflated by your own graft and partially by an accidental white lie you didn’t even mean to tell.

As Abi’s days find shape and she proves to be a welcome diversion from the gross tedium of late middle age, the temperament and vulnerabilities of the characters have a way of unfolding that makes turning the page a reflex when you know you ought to bookmark and leave it there for tonight….

There’s a part of Every Woman within the characters of You Be Mother and Meg Mason’s characteristic wit and creative prose are as engaging as they are entertaining.

One of the characters of You Be Mother is likely to be one of the episodical persons who from the padding of your life – but which one will you recognise?

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