2017: Where’s the True Justice?

On Christmas Day 2017, The True Justice said to me….

  • Connect your charger now! South Australia connected to the world’s largest lithium ion battery built by Tesla. Time will tell whether the battery lives up to its expectations but the successful building and connection of a battery this size takes the future of energy production, storage and transmission another step forward. With the average electricity bill for an Australians rising by $500 over the last three years the effect of the battery storage on such a scale will be of interest to politicians and consumers alike over the coming hot summer months.
  • Ladies first! Or maybe not. Women still lag men in terms of a range of equality indicators world-wide despite meaningful progress, including the election of the first woman president of the National Farmers Federation.
  • Mind the gap! Pay inequality Lisa I-break-up-with-today Wilkinson took a stand and in doing so stood up for every woman who has ever been offered less pay for similar work to that done by a man. Where’s the justice? Merit, not gender, can be the only determining factor in ascribing economic value in a Just society.
  • Be kind to yourself! Mental health is an increasingly relevant consideration for many Australians from all walks of life. Anxiety. Feelings of inadequacy. Emptiness. Poor coping. These can intensify at this time of year and all can lead to poor decisions.
  • Do you know where you will sleep tonight? Around 100 000 Australian’s won’t. Anyone from any background can fall victim to homelessness. A particularly cruel situation at a time of year that should be about enjoying the company of loved ones, losing yourself in a few chapters of your summer-reading-book and maybe even a bit of backyard cricket.
  • Just throw it out!. And add it to the other 20 or so tonnes of garbage Australians send to landfill sites each year unless you’ve consciously tried to reduce your waste and opted for at least a few zero waste options this year?
  • I’ll have a smashed avo on sourdough please. The festive round up couldn’t omit the humble smashed avo. The accidental mascot of the millennials was recently described as our national dish and received the thumbs up from Jamie Oliver. Boxing Day brunch menu sorted, then.


Merry Christmas from The True Justice and remember, Justice doesn’t just happen.

Be Engaged. Be Informed. Be Curious.

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