What Martin Luther King Jnr fought for remains relevant in 2018

Martin Luther King is known for devoting much of himself to raising awareness of issues of inequality and discrimination in a way that was meaningful to him and which contributed to effecting real and lasting change for the lives of many generations. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere_MLK2018

As Martin Luther King Jnr Day 2018 begins and ends (depending on your time zone) many of the issues Martin Luther King Jnr felt so strongly about are as relevant today as they were when he was campaigning for civil rights.

As modern society continues to strive toward achieving equality and ending discrimination, generations of Americans have not had to board buses based on their race or skin colour.  The success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott in January 1957 provided the impetus for this and the momentum for Martin Luther King Jnr to galvanise people-power into non-violent protests against other examples of inequality.

This took him traveling miles which would roughly equate to four and a half return trips from the Earth to the Moon. The speeches he gave and participation he provided to eight major recourses seeking to effect social change stand today as an achievement and significant contribution to improving the lives of countless people experiencing discrimination, inequality, oppression and disadvantage.

Not everyone has the inclination, opportunity or ability to devote so much of themselves to Big Issues but the fact that his contribution continues to be acknowledged and respected by so many is testament to the lasting change that can result from individuals standing up for what they believe, in whatever capacity they feel comfortable with.

Remember, Justice doesn’t just happen.

Be Engaged. Be Informed. Be Curious.

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